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I have been using essential oils for many years and have always been amazed at the benefits and the effectiveness of aromatherapy.  It started back when my husband was suffering from anxiety that was only getting worse.  His doctor suggested he try a few different approaches and one being aromatherapy.  Neither of us had given aromatherapy any thought until then.  The doctor suggested we look for chamomile oil and that's when and how my research began.

I will keep this short and sweet because honestly, I could carry on for hours.  Here are a few of the blends we have been using and some of their aromatherapy benefits:

Hocus Focus - for focus and concentration and for kids and adults this blend is calming and stabilizing.

Ahh...choo!  - when allergy season peaks this blend is clearing and purifying.

Sleepy Head - a calming and relaxing bedtime routine.

Knock 'em dead - with antibacterial & antiviral properties I grab this blend when I feel like something's got me down.

Life is good - when life get's you down, this blend picks me up and gets me going.

Ouch! - we love this blend for all of our owie's.

Hush - dealing with constant ear ringing / tinnitus, this blend is quieting, calming and normalizing.

Headache relief - when you feel the pounding of a headache begin, this blend is soothing.

Remember me -  rosemary oil is said to help with memory and this blend is refreshing, normalizing and balancing.

Cool down - for ladies dealing with those hot flashes, this blend is cooling, balancing and refreshing.

All of our essential oil custom blends use 100% pure essential oils and are diluted in grapeseed oil so that they are safe to use on your skin.

Essential oil blends:  roll your blend onto your temples, pulse points, wrists, soles of your foot, your big toe, behind your ears, along the spine in the back of your neck or just take a big sniff out of the bottle.  You do not need to apply the oil in every location, but wherever you feel the best results.  A little goes a long way, just a few swipes back and forth.  No need to use it like lotion.  


** The Chilled Penguin products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  We do not make claims or guarantee the effectiveness of these oils.  Use them at your own risk.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Please consult your health care provider first.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  For external use only.  Individual results may vary. 2014   contact  | about | testimonials | blogetsy